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SUSB-DAC is the digital-to-analog converter with USB interface for interacting PC.

The device parameters, requested by the client are listed below:

Output type: bipolar [-12 … +12] V, non-balanced
Output resistance: 360 Ohm
Sampling depth: 12 bit
Intregal nonlinearity: 45 mV
Differential nonlinearity: 5 mV
Signal setup time: 0.2 ms

The device was made using USB-bridge FT232RL (FTDI), microcontroller ATmega8 (Atmel) and digital-to-analog converter DAC7513 (Texas Instruments). Also we built the firmware for fast’n’easy interraction with PC.

Device photos:

susb-daс photo 1 susb-daс photo 2 susb-daс photo 3 susb-daс photo 4

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