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The aim of this project is to create two-channel DACADC with USB connection to PC, joined with 8-channel switch. Device technical specifications:

DAC parameters
Input type: bipolar [-12…+12] V, balanced
Input voltage: 249 Ohm
Sampling depth: 12 bit
Integral nonlinearity: 45 mV
Differential nonlinearity: 5 mV
Signal setup time: 5 mks

ADC parameters
Input type: unipolar [0…+4.096]V, balanced
Input resistance: 100kOhm
Sampling depth: 12bit
Integral nonlinearity: 2mV
Differential nonlinearity: 1mV
Signal setup time: 5mks

Switch parameters
Switching voltage: 50 V
Switching current: 400 mA
Isolation voltage: 1 kV
susb-adaс photo 1 susb-adaс photo 2
susb-adaс photo 3 susb-adaс photo 4

The device is built with USB-bridge FT232RL (FTDI), microcontroller ATmega8 (Atmel), DAC AD5322 (Analog Devices), DC AD7924 (Analog Devices) and optical switches G3VM-61G1 (OMRON). Device firmware is developed for the following functionality: data exchange with PC, data input-otuput in streaming mode, automatic generation of test signals, automatic measurements of peak and variance values, phase measurements, automated AFC measurements.

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