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Line Selector is the audio signals switch, designed for professional sound recording studios. The device has input, output and two effect loops. By pressing the buttons, signal can be sent either to one(or through both consistently) of loops or bypass. Output of each loop has its own active level regulator, made with high-level op-amps from Texas Instruments(TCL2272) and potentiometers with logarithmic scale. All commutation is made using relays which excludes any signal distorsion. The device is mounted into durable aluminium body Pro’Skit and equipped with reliable 6.3mm TRS Neutrik connectors with normalising contacts on input. Op-amps with high dynamic range allow to switch high-level signals, using standard 9V power supply, while logarithmic potentiometers insure smooth volume regulation.

Here are some photos of the device:

line selector photo 1 line selector photo 2 line selector photo 3

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